About US

A New Paradigm in Governance

Paradigm Governance Partners Limited is a licensed fiduciary services company based in the Cayman Islands. Paradigm was established by Cayman-based senior professionals who came together to build a fiduciary services company with a client and investor-focused service delivery model along with a multi-tiered and segregated take-on and review process. Our vision is to provide high quality, high touch boutique fiduciary services to investment managers, including hedge funds, family offices, closed-end funds and private equity, which has set a new standard for excellence in governance to the alternative investment industry.

Paradigm is different based on the following factors:


  • Ownership is structured as a true professional Services Partnership
  • All partners are equity holders with shared risk, responsibility and have a direct stake in the success of our firm


  • Directors are highly experienced professionals in the Cayman Islands financial services industry
  • The team has an aggregate of 250 years of collective experience
  • Partners have complementary skill sets that cover all aspects of the industry spectrum


  • Capacity constraints are a core governance principle
  • No employee vs. company conflict
  • Individual vs. institutionalized appointment


  • Partners are truly independent from client relationships
  • Robust conflict policy
  • Financial Services Provider regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

A New Paradigm in Governance


Paradigm Values

Substance over Form
Capacity Constraints
Qualitative vs. Quantitative
Passion vs. Job

Experienced Directors

Professionally Qualified
Over 20 Years Average Experience
In-depth Industry Specific Knowledge

Balanced Governance

Collective Approach
Complementary Skillsets
Transparency & Trust
True Independence