A New Paradigm in Governance

Independent Directorship Services

The alternative investment world has changed greatly over the past decade, the continued evolution of due diligence requirements, regulation and legal frameworks across the globe have increased the costs and complexity facing investment funds and their service providers. Investors, allocators and regulators are demanding greater transparency and higher levels of corporate governance without an impact to performance while maintaining cost efficiency.

Paradigm directors provide complementary skillsets ranging across all aspects of the alternative investment industry, including risk management, legal, regulatory, audit, administration, compliance, valuation, trading and recovery. This experience will benefit all stakeholders of our clients’ structures as they face these ever-evolving challenges. We will be at the forefront engaging with lawyers, auditors, regulators along with other service providers for the benefit of clients and underlying investors.

Distressed Fund and Value Recovery Services

The professionals at Paradigm have years of experience navigating the challenges inherent in a distressed fund situation. Whether the fund is placed into liquidation or run as an active company, we will ensure that the maximum possible value is preserved for the stakeholders of the fund. Our professionals will use their complementary experience in such areas as risk management, regulation, audit, legal and governance to provide oversight of service providers utilized as part of the recovery process.

Paradigm will aim to maximize the asset recovery process while minimizing the costs that can otherwise overwhelm distressed recovery and liquidation processes.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Paradigm can assist both private and institutional clients with accounting and financial reporting solutions utilizing our extensive background in this area. We use our understanding of the financial services industry to assist clients in building strong financial and control structures that minimize risk while maximizing efficiency.

Paradigm uses the largest accounting vendor platforms and can provide real-time access to client accounts and financial data. Services include Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Investment Manager Accounts, and Consulting.

Ancillary Services

Paradigm can also offer bespoke services tailored to client requirements including but not limited to registered office, corporate secretarial and board support services.